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HMS COVID-19 Policies & Practices

As of November 2020
Our High Meadow community – teacher, administrators, parents, students, and even local health organizations – continues to work together to develop and improve upon the health and safety protocols at our school. Our policies and practices have expanded beyond our Reopening Plan to include updates from the NY State Department of Health as well as information pertaining specifically to our school and our student body. Please bookmark this page so that you can easily find comprehensive information related to our COVID-19 Policies and Practices all in one place. All of our current staff and enrolled families have signed our COVID-19 Community Compact. Thank you for continuing to partner with us in these uncertain times. Your understanding of and adherence to these policies is what allows the heart of High Meadow – the kids – continue to thrive!

Student Illness

The HMS Health office MUST be informed of ALL illness-related absences. Please contact our Health Office staff via email at Nurse@highmeadowschool.org or you may call directly 845-687-4855 x 16. Health staff will help guide you regarding the steps needed to come back to campus.

Please do not share medically sensitive information with teachers or any non-health office staff.

Our health staff are gate-keepers and will notify teachers of the absence, maintaining health information privacy. We also ask that you refrain from sharing specific health-related information with other families within or outside your child’s classroom.


If your child is ill or the HMS health screening tool indicates that the child should not come on campus, these are the following steps that you can anticipate occurring…
  • • Stay home when ill or if the health screen indicates not to come on campus.
  • • Notify the HMS Health Office via phone/email, as soon as possible, day or night.
  • • We recommend that you contact your Health Care Provider as soon as possible, consider RAPID-15 MINUTE COVID testing.
  • • Your HCP may be able to expedite your testing or give you guidance on where is the best place to get tested. If you cannot contact your HCP, then contact an urgent care facility nearest you.
  • • It is encouraged that either a definitive medical diagnosis be documented or rapid 15-minute COVID testing be performed, as these determinations can impact the overall time involved in the return to school process.
  • • Inform the HMS Health Office of the results of COVID testing / Medical Dx ASAP.


Your child will be assessed by Health Office staff privately and away from the classroom. If a determination is made that the student cannot remain on campus, Health Office staff will contact the parent / responsible adult, who will be provided an update along with a request to have the student picked up from school. The student will remain at the designated isolation area, supervised by school staff until picked up by the responsible adult.


The flowsheets below provide an overview of the decision-making process involved and the steps that must be taken for their return to campus. Sheets.  Health Office staff will help guide you in utilizing these flowsheets.  Please feel free to contact us if you have questions or concerns.

Can my child come onto campus today?
When can my child return to campus?


Communicate known or potential exposures to COVID-19 to the HMS Health Office by emailing nurse@highmeadowschool.org any time of the day or night OR you may call the Nurses Office at (845) 687-4855 ext-17 as soon as possible. Please only communicate with the Health Office staff.

3 Pillars to Prevent the Spread of Covid-19 and Other Airborne Illnesses

Wear a Mask
  • • Mask must fit securely and cover the nose and mouth
  • • Must be worn at all times while on campus.
  • • Should be switched out regularly and be safely stored when they become damp.
  • • Touching the mask should be avoided, especially the inside.
  • • Damaged or worn masks should be discarded.
Observe Physical Distancing
  • • You can be social, just from at least 6 feet away.
  • • Even with masks, physical distancing should be maintained.
Hand Washing is Best
  • • Wash hands frequently, especially when transitioning from one area to another.
  • • Use hand sanitizer only when hand washing is impractical or unavailable. Let hand sanitizer air dry on your hands, do not wipe off.

COVID Testing

Ulster County COVID Testing Sites
COVID-19 Testing

NYS DOH Website for COVID Testing Sites
Find a Test Site Near You | Department of Health