• Upper School Agreements:
    Virtual Learning & Using Technology in School

    These agreements apply to all the classes your child is currently enrolled in. We understand that we are all adapting to an unprecedented situation and that every family is experiencing this challenge in their own way. Whatever obstacles you encounter along the way in regards to your child’s education, we can figure it out together as long as we stay in close communication and remain flexible and patient with each other and with the tools we are using.

    Thank you for your continued support and collaboration!

    1. Community Commitments
      • I understand that all of our class/community agreements continue to apply during virtual learning.
      • I will follow the schedule of online classes and participate appropriately in all of my live classes and meetings.
      • If I cannot attend a live class, my parents or I will notify the teacher right away via email, and cc my homeroom teacher. I will follow up with a classmate to find out what I missed.
      • I will organize my time thoughtfully and check for assignments via email and Google Classroom at the start and end of each school day.
      • I will complete all my assignments and submit each one through Google Classroom, adding images or documents to the specific assignments.
      • If I am unable to complete an assignment by the deadline, I will notify the teacher on or before the due date and arrange an extension.
    2. Commitments Specific to Video Conferences via Zoom
      • I will use my own name in Zoom meetings
      • Norms for appropriate class behavior apply when I am on camera, following class agreements and expectations.
      • I acknowledge that the classes are often recorded for the security of students and teachers.
      • To the extent that it is possible, I will use a calm and well-lit place from which to connect to Zoom, with a respectful and non-distracting background.
      • I will turn on the camera, and stay visible within the frame, for live classes so my classmates and teachers can see me.
      • I will abide by the rules pertaining to the online class of the teacher who is hosting (this could include not eating during class).
      • I will be careful to respect the private lives of my teachers and classmates. No screenshots or recordings.
      • During our call, I will remain focused on the call; I will not use other apps, do other work, practice my instrument, use the chat for non-academic conversation, text my friends, etc.
      • I will leave my phone in a separate room while in any live Zoom meeting (unless the teacher gives me permission to use it)
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