Game Design – Build Your Own Escape Room!


Wednesdays, 3:15 - 4:15
September 25 - December 18(11 Sessions)
(Note: No class on October 9 and November 19.)
Grades: 4th - 8th

Students will play a custom escape room in their first session, working as a team to solve a series of puzzles and complete the game before time runs out. They will then spend the next nine sessions learning to conceive, design, and build their escape room adventure. They can work individually or in smaller groups to design and create all sorts of game elements, such as riddles, scavenger-hunt clues, hidden objects, and physical puzzles. As the weeks progress, their best puzzles and game elements will be combined into a complete escape room experience-- all tied together with an original theme, storyline and crafted decorations that the class creates together. Participants will learn about game design and puzzle-making. They will brainstorm, conceive, design, build, and test their game elements and puzzles and work as a team to build something fun and awesome. In their final session, other students and faculty will be invited to play the original escape room the team has created.



About Jared Hedges: Jared is an animator and writer. He created and ran an escape room, Escape Dr. Foil and the Cardboard Dimension, for three months at the Community Center in Red Hook, NY, and helped various teams of kids solve the game. He also created a puzzle box escape room game for the 2019 HMS Bright Ideas Festival here at High Meadow, where he helped guide approximately one hundred kids through the escape room. Jared was a counselor at our camp last summer teaching during our STEAM week helping children learn how to create simple machines, towers, and bridges.