Ninja Training Camp: Archery & Parkour

Mon – Fri, 9 - 3PM
July 1st – 5th
Ages 8 - 14

Both archery and parkour require strong discipline and focus. Campers will sharpen both body and mind through morning target practice and afternoon obstacle course work — think running, jumping, climbing, crawling, and swinging — with Innate Movement Parkour.

ARCHERY: This portion of camp is run under National Archery in Schools Program (NASP®) which has made the sport of archery fun, safe and engaging for 11 million students in over 13,000 schools in 47 states since the organization was first founded in 2002.

PARKOUR: This portion of camp is led by the instructors of Innate Movement Parkour. Parkour is a holistic movement discipline through which one strives to improve oneself by embracing physical challenges, the majority of which involve overcoming obstacles. It involves running, jumping, crawling, climbing, vaulting, swinging and all other natural movement patterns innate to human beings.

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