Salamander / Ninja


Monday - Friday, 9AM to 3PM
June 29th - July 3rd
Ages: 5 - 7

Enroll in any or all weeks of Salamanders. This camp is a perfect blend of themed activities and free play! Each week, campers explore an area of focus with our expert instructors, along with plenty of time left for water play, outdoor exploration, games, arts and crafts, time in the garden, and friendship-building. This week campers will learn ninja skills and get to explore obstacle courses.

About our Instructors

Lead Counselor: Janine Louis is the Lead teacher in our Toddler program here at High Meadow. Before coming to High Meadow she was the lead teacher for three to five-year-olds at The International Preschool in Manhattan, where she was also a ceramics teacher. Janine also taught at YMHA in Queens where she created an art-based curriculum for children aged three to nine. She has a BFA from Bradford College and a Masters in Early Childhood Education from City College in New York City.

Ninja Trainer: Caroline Langer
Caroline has been a Gymnastics Coach for seven years and a Ninja coach for two years with the Marbletown Youth Commission. She teaches here at High Meadow for our After School Enrichment programs and taught summer camp last year.





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