Salamanders / STEAM


Monday - Friday, 9 - 3PM
July 6th - July 10th
Ages 5-7

Our youngest campers experience the wonders of summer through outdoor adventures, music and crafts, games and stories, and time in the garden. Friendships are sure to bloom during shared meals and open-ended play. Our Inchworms will explore the wonder of Simple Machines this week with our STEAM instructor, Jared Hedges.

About our Instructors

Lead Counselor: Janine Louis
Janine is the Lead teacher in our Toddler program here at High Meadow. Before coming to High Meadow she was the lead teacher for three to five-year-olds at The International Preschool in Manhattan, where she was also a ceramics teacher. Janine also taught at YMHA in Queens where she created an art-based curriculum for children aged three to nine. She has a BFA from Bradford College and a Masters in Early Childhood Education from City College in New York City.

Instructor: Jared Hedges
Jared is an animator and writer. He created and ran an escape room, Escape Dr. Foil and the Cardboard Dimension, for three months at the Community Center in Red Hook, NY, and helped various teams of kids solve the game. He also created a puzzle box escape room game for the 2019 HMS Bright Ideas Festival here at High Meadow, where he helped guide approximately one hundred kids through the escape room. Jared was a counselor at our camp last summer teaching during our STEAM week helping children learn how to create simple machines, towers, and bridges.





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