Monday - Friday, 9AM to 3PM
July 6th - July 10th
Ages 8+

Our STEAM camp will feature an exploration of machinery, earth science and technology. They will build machines and create their own pulleys and bridges and then they will get their hands dirty exploring our pond and other parts of our campus. In the afternoons campers will learn the art of making apps that revolve around art and music. We have put together a team of facilitators to keep your campers entertained, engaged and having fun all day!

About our Instructors
Jared Hedges is an animator and writer. He created and ran an escape room, Escape Dr. Foil and the Cardboard Dimension, for three months at the Community Center in Red Hook, NY, and helped various teams of kids solve the game. He also created a puzzle box escape room game for the 2019 HMS Bright Ideas Festival here at High Meadow, where he helped guide approximately one hundred kids through the escape room. Jared was a counselor at our camp last summer teaching during our STEAM week helping children learn how to create simple machines, towers, and bridges.

Gian Ascione received a Master of Arts in Teaching from Bard College and a Master of Science in Science Communication from Drexel University. Locally, he has taught middle school science at Mountain Laurel Waldorf School, Highland Middle School, and Linden Avenue Middle School. Prior to teaching, he spent a decade as a science writer in the life sciences industry, producing materials for audiences ranging from children with ADHD to healthcare professionals treating life-threatening diseases. He has also worked as a technician in a cancer research laboratory at the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston.

Aimee Gardner is the Operations Director for the O+ Festival. Her experience in community empowerment extends back to her role as Curriculum Director for the Technovation program, which provides young women around the world the framework to solve problems in their communities by developing technological solutions. She created educational programming at the Computer History Museum and has worked as an instructional designer for CUNY. She holds an MA in Germanic Languages and Literature from the CUNY Graduate Center and a BA in the same field from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.





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