STEM Camp: Master Builder + Grossology

Mon – Fri, 9 - 3PM
July 22 – July 26
Ages 8 - 14

Does your child love to problem solve? Does your child love science? This camp will split the days between engineering and chemistry.

MASTER BUILDER: Bridges and Skyscrapers: Learn the basics of structural engineering! Campers will be given tower design and bridge challenges, as if they were civil engineers. Experimenting with materials and forces, campers will test the strength and durability of their skyscrapers and bridges. Parents will be invited to see their unique and inspiring design solutions!

GROSSOLGY: the Science of Really Gross Things: Are you brave enough to take on some horribly fantastic experiments? Projects explore blood, bones, and body bits to expose the fun sides of chemistry, biology, and physics. Hope your lab coat is waterproof!


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