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Sep 19, 2021

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On The Meadow Summer Camp is BACK in action for 2021!

Campers ages 2-14 are invited to High Meadow’s 7.5 acre campus for three weeks of unforgettable summer enrichment camps!

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Safety will be a priority as small groups of campers will follow protocols and guidelines in a largely outdoor environment.  

The camps will take place from 9:00-3:00, Monday-Friday, during the following weeks:

July 19 – July 23, 2021

July 26 – July 30, 2021

August 2 – August 6, 2021

Registration will open in March of 2021

Week One, July 19 – July 23

Nature’s Harmony

Feel the Music of the Earth and Explore the Wonders of the Land! Music is all around us! Bird song fills the air, wind rustles through the trees, the pond babbles a little ditty! Come play, explore our seven and a half acres and inspire the creativity

Open to children age 2-14 (in small, separate age-based groups)

Ninja Training Camp 

Our Ninja Training Camp features Archery, Martial Arts, Mandarin and Parkour. Campers will sharpen both body and mind through target practice and obstacle course work, while earning fundamental martial arts techniques such as kicks, punches, blocks, and strikes. This camp improves cardio fitness, muscle tone, focus, and discipline. All of our facilitators use positive reinforcement. We encourage our campers to believe in themselves and be the best that they can be!

Open to children age 8-10 and 11-14.


Week Two, July 26 – July 30

Outdoor Art Adventures

Kids will experience develop nature awareness through playing fun games. They will create art from found materials, explore the nature trail, and gain new friends in the community We will host an end-of-week gallery for families to enjoy the art we make together!

Open to children age 2-14 (in small, separate age-based groups).

Yes and! Kids and Teens Comedy Camp 

Our Yes and! Kids & Teens Comedy Camp creates a safe space for students to develop their creativity and comedic talent while making new friends and sharing lots of laughs. This program will teach acting and long-form improvisation skills, and immerse participants in a range of acting techniques while creating a character from scratch! Actors will work as an acting ensemble and be facilitated by director, Amy Poux, as well as veteran Youth Ensemble Theater members in the games, characters, and inventive situations that they enact. The week will culminate in a showcase for friends and family.

Open to children age ten and up.

Week Three, August 2 – August 6

Fantasy, Fairies, and Dragons

Join the magic as campers create imaginary potions, fairy gardens, dragon lairs in the forest, design their own fantasy games, and role play stories about imaginary creatures. 

Open to children age 2-7 (in small, separate age-based groups).


At Wayfinder summer camps, we teach a decades-tested core curriculum of theatrical skills, athletic play, and community awareness, which is interwoven into a culminating Adventure Game– a chance for participants to explore imaginary worlds with new perspectives and new identities. Over the years, our brand of fantasy roleplaying has proven itself to be a powerful tool for self-exploration, as well as for building confidence, empathy, communication, and leadership skills.

Open to children age eight and up.